Becoming The Attacker

Becoming the attacker, rather than being attacked, is the only way to deal with real world violence.Here we teach self-defense although I must admit the word I find troubling since it the word self-defense implies that a person – you have been assaulted,”past-tense” which means your awareness skills have failed you.


Safety is something that happens between your ears,not something you hold in your hands”Jeff Cooper



Statistically speaking the one initiating the attack has a minimum 51% of success


This is why it’s very important when being attacked to immediately move from a defensive mindset to an offensive one,and begin your continuous counter-attack

When launching your counter-attack,you should focus on striking soft/vital targets,capable of making one retreat,such as the eye’s,throat and groin. These targets have an effect that bypasses most people’s pain tolerance levels.

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