Combative Engagement

In this episode I talk about combative engagement the do’s and donts
I begin speaking about the time it takes for martial mastery, compared
to the relative small amount of time it takes to learn self protection.

  Take Aways

  1. Do be prepared for the consequences of defending yourself, once you’ve made the choice to fight the possibility exists you may be forced to kill your opponent.
  2. Do be aware regardless of your training there are no guarentees you want be the victim.
  3. Don’t stop til you’ve finished the job, be sure you can get to safety.
  4. Don’t be coaxed into proving yourself or your techniques to others…you have nothing to prove to anyone

  Essential Components Of Self-Defense

  • Stay Close-you must be close to strike your opponent
  • Grab & Hold On-this makes it difficult to push or throw you off balance
  • Base Out- drop your weight for stability and balance
  • Breath-when startled or frightened adrenalin over-load causes us to hold our breath

                                              Weekly Training Video

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