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Sometimes being alone is definitely not the best thing for you. While being alone is inevitable at times, happens due to busy schedule, you are asked to stay late in a hotel, arrive early at a location while no-one else is around, or just need time out, away, in the dark, for a smoke, or a breather and do not think for another moment, how vulnerable that one decision might actually make you. WE need to be smarter how we do things and in which kinds of situations life, events, circumstances, or even we ourselves place ourselves!
Avoid risky situations, locations, stairwells, empty elevators, dark and desolate, isolated areas, badly lit, overgrown, un-secure, alley-ways, parking lots, garages, empty buildings or offices etc. important to your sanity, it may be too risky in some situations. If there are other people around it is better, get yourself within sight or hearing distance, closer to where there is foot/cars kind of traffic moving, more likely to pass. Put yourself within easy reach of help or getting assistance if/when you might require it.

Lady’s N Defense is a women’s self defense & fitness program. seeking to bring personal safety techniques and strategies to today’s women. Our main focus is on practical no-nonsense self-defense techniques.This program is not designed to teach all the complexities of a martial art. What it does teach is a method by which you can effectively learn to defend yourself, using a minimal amount of effort and strategy.

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